Michigan Chillers Mackinaw City Mummies

Josh and Robyn are cousins and they are looking for night crawlers at their cottage so they could fish tomorrow. in the process Josh found a priest sign from a mummy. Out of nowhere a mummy came and took them to an underground tomb where he shuts the door on them. Josh was calling robins name but she was gone!! josh discovers that she was taken by the mummy. As he gets out of the tomb and runs to go save Robyn, he has to watch out for other mummies. He runs into this huge room where Robyn was laying on a table. Josh climbs up a pole and he heard that they are going to mummify Robyn. Has Robyn become a mummy or is josh going to save her? If you want to find out more read Michigan Chillers #10 Mackinaw city Mummies.

Reviewed by Brianna Dobies

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