March 20

The Paper Bag Princess- Souvenir Bit.

This week’s book is The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. The students will be bringing home their souvenir bits today. Just like last week, you are welcome to fill out the form below to submit your child’s homework. If you choose to submit the homework via blog, just send back the homework sheet and write “blog” on it so I know it was completed. Please make sure the post is submitted by the time school starts on Friday. If you have any questions, please let me know:-)

Click below for the Souvenir Bit form.

Souvenir Bit form.

For more Robert Munsch books, check out his website at



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1 thoughts on “The Paper Bag Princess- Souvenir Bit.

  1. Andrew Mark

    the main characters are Elizabeth, Prince Ronald, and the Dragon, the story was about, the dragon took a firee breath and burnt a lot of the castle and all of Elizabeths clothes and carried prince Ronald away the person Elizabeth was going to marry. Elizabeth couldn’t find any clothes so all she could find is a paper bag to wear then she come to a cave where the dragon was at, and the dragon told her to leave him alone and she said no he said he ate a lot of things so leave me the dragon alone. Elizabeth didn’t want to so the dragon did a lot of things Elizabeth asked and then the dragon was pooped. Elizabeth then found prince Ronald in the castle all nicely dressed and Elizabeth was not so nicely dressed,prince Ronald told Elizabeth she was not dressed nicely and she smelled like dragon and her hair was a mess so Elizabeth told Prince Ronald he was a bum and they never married.

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