Spelling Tests

Your child has taken their second spelling test. It is very important to continue studying their current and past spelling words since they will be recycled in future tests.

 Your child will be required to complete a word study strategy sheet for all the words that they misspelled on the test on the words to learn section (not the super speller section). This paper will be included with your spelling test when returned on Mondays.

 This homework will be due on Wednesdays.


Fraser Walk

We had a wonderful field trip today on our walk around the community. We were able to visit the Fraser library, the fire station, Fort Fraser and El Charros resteraunt.

Please make a comment and let me know your favorite part of the trip and why!!! I would love to hear from you!!

Treasure Books

On Wednesday we will be decorating our Treasure Books (writing notebook-where we will write all our treasured memories). Please remember to send in stickers, photos, magazine pictures, computer pictures, typed words, foam stickers, etc.

Field Trip tomorrow

We are very excited about our walking field trip through the community tomorrow. We are going to the library, firestation, Fort Fraser and El Charros for lunch. We will be walking about 3 miles round trip so make sure you wear comfy shoes. We also will be leaving right away in the morning so dress appropriatly it’s usually chilly in the morning. If you volunteered to chaperone please arrive at school with your child at 8:35.

2nd grade curriculum

2nd grade curriculum

Reading: Everyday we will be working on the Daily 5.  It is a system I use teach reading. The components of Daily 5 are: Read to Self, Read with a partner, Listening to reading, Word Work and Writing. While I am working with individual or small groups of children the other children will work on these components. During whole group instruction, I will do read alouds and we will discuss reading genres, story elements, and comprehension strategies.

Spelling: Our spelling program consists of 26 units. Students will be given a pretest every Monday which will contain 5 words. These words will be included on the test on Friday. The tests have between 10-20 words on it. This program “recycles” words, meaning that the words are used over and over throughout the year. That is why the students only receive 5 words ahead of time. It is hoped that students will actually learn how to spell the words and won’t just memorize them for the test and forget them afterwards. There will also be a skill for the week. This will be introduced through several mini lessons during class and will be sent home as a homework sheet on Mondays. The homework is due back by Friday each week. The skill will also be on the test on Friday.

Writing: Students will participate in writer’s workshop this year. We will focus on the 6 Traits of Writing. We will do 5 week units on each trait. The 6 traits include the following: ideas, organization, sentence fluency, word choice, conventions and presentation. Writers workshop will begin with a mini lesson and doing a page in their 6 Trait Writing  packet. Students will then write in their writing notebooks. We will share our writings several times a week. In second grade, we have 10 required writings.  They include the following: 4 personal narratives, fantasy, poetry, research inquiry, informational piece, persuasive piece, and a compare and contrast.

Math: We use the Everyday Math progam in Fraser Schools. This program consists of 11 units. After each unit we will have a day or two of review and then an assessment. Second graders are expected to be secure in 18 math essentials by the end of the year. These essentials will be tested on 4 quarterly assessments which will take place in November, January, March, and May. They include the following:

  • construct fact families for addition and subtraction  
  • know/express place value of numbers up to 3 digits
  • show/count coins (P,N,D,Q) in various ways
  •  compare numbers, write symbols; <,>,= to 1000
  • adding 2 digits w/out regrouping
  • identify 2D shape
  • identify 3D shapes
  • representing multiplication w/area and array models
  • estimating and then adding 3 digit numbers
  • subtracting 2 digits w/out trading
  • know all basic addition facts to 18
  • create/read/interpret pictographs
  • recognize/name/and write commonly used fractions
  • use ruler/tape measure/yard and meter stick to measure the nearest whole unit using cm, m, in, ft
  • understand that multiplication is repeated adding(know multiplication facts: 0 and 1’s)
  • tell time in 5 minute intervals and 1/4 hour
  • know all basic subtraction facts to 18

  • Science: In second grade we rotate every other month with science and social studies. We focus on 4 science units which include the following:
  • magnets
  • matter
  • hydrosphere/weather
  • animals

Social Studies: In second grade we have an overlying theme of communities that we focus on throughout the year. We also do units on then and now, celebrations around the world, landforms and map skills/geography.