Magnet unit

This week we have started our first science unit on magnets. We experimented with magnets to see what they would stick to in the classroom.


We will spend the next two weeks discovering all different aspects of magnetism.

Daily 5

Today was an exciting day!!! I introduced the MP3 players to the children so they can listen to books on tape.  One of the components of building fluency is listening to stories read by fluent readers.  Another benefit of listening to stories is building a child’s vocabulary.

partner's taking turns with the MP3 player

partner's taking turns with the MP3 player

enjoying a good book

enjoying a good book

The children are getting very good at Read to Yourself time. The children are able to read uninterrupted for over 30 minutes.  While the kids are reading I work with either individual students or small groups. With individual students I discuss what their goal is for the week and what they need to work on to become a better reader.  This week I introduced the wondering and predicting strategy.  The children note down their predictions/wonderings on a post-it note-and then read on to see if their thoughts or ideas were correct.


Reading with a partner is a great way to practice fluency for the reader. The listener needs to stay focused and think about what is being read to them. After they read a story the children discuss what was read.

discussing a great book

discussing a great book

let's read together

let's read together

Book Treasure

Today we read our first book treasure book. I read the story The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything.  It is a great story about a little old lady who walks home through the woods and encounters different pieces of clothing and pumpkin head that follow her home and try to scare her. In the end they turn themselves into a scarecrow so they can scare crows away, since they couldn’t scare the little old lady.

Enjoy your child’s retelling of the story and try to prompt more information out of them if they are very brief.  A main component of 2nd  grade is perfecting retelling skills.

We made a paper version of the woods and the pieces of clothing so the children can retell the story to you.

Along with the woods book treasure I sent home a manila envelope containing a paper that your child needs to complete about the story.  Please send the envelope and completed paper back in the next two days.


Working on our “book treasure” with my mom.

making the woods

making the woods

Shopping in the class store


Today we went shopping in our class store. The children were very excited to spend their Eagle bucks. 

Please ask your child what they bought! Everyone should have had enough money to buy something. 

Children earn $1 daily for staying on green, $2 if the whole class is on green. They also earn $1 for doing their homework.  That alone is $10.00 a week.

The next shopping day is November 19th-encourage your child to keep up the good work and earn those Eagle Bucks!!!


Math Facts

This unit in math focuses on addition facts and different ways to add up numbers. We are trying to get what we call “fact power”, which is knowing simple one digit addition facts automatically.

We have been taking a 2 minute Mad Minute test Monday thru Thursday. This week the problems have gotten a bit more difficult (higher numbers being added together)

Please take some time and practice math facts!!


Eisenhower had their annual walk-a-thon today out on the track!!! The children had a great time walking and RUNNING with their friends. Thank you to all the families that were able to help out at the event and to the families that donated!

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