Peek at the week

We have a short week this week due to conferences. There will be a 1/2 day on Thursday and NO SCHOOL on Friday.

Conferences will be held Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon and evening. Please look for a note with your conference time! I look forward to meeting with all my families.

Yesterday we read a story ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. The children in the story saved the turkeys from being Thanksgiving dinner. I sent home a turkey for your child to “hide”. Turkeys are due on Thursday.

There will be no new spelling words until after Thanksgiving due to the shortened weeks.

4 thoughts on “Peek at the week

  1. Alyssa says:

    I had so much fun decorating the turkey . I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving but I dont really like to eat turkey. I am so excited for our Thanksgiving party. See you on Monday.

  2. allaidlaw says:

    I LOVE turkey-white meat only though!!! What do you do on Thanksgiving?? Do you go to someones house or does family come to your house?? This year we are going to Pennsylvania to be with my brother and his kids-I am very excited!

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