Book orders

Today book orders are coming home. If you are interested in ordering on-line the web site is:

the user name: mrslaidlawclass

password: froggy

For every on-line order the class will get a free book.

Consider ordering books. They are the ultimate gift!!

Book orders are due November 12th.

Unit 8 spelling words

Spelling words for this week are

  1. no
  2. make
  3. than
  4. first
  5. been

The tests are starting to get longer. We now have 12 words on the test. You know the 5  new words but now there are 7 repeat words on each test-please continue to practice past words.  Continue practicing the difference between their, there, for, four, to, two

Happy Halloween








Friday we had a wonderful party. The kids decorated cookies, played a wrap the mummy game and guessed how many candy corns were in a container.  We enjoyed a pizza treat and the children got some great treats in their treat bags!!