A Peek at the Week-February 8th

Spelling- spelling words for Unit 17 are:

  1. right
  2. look
  3. think
  4. also
  5. around

Please continue practicing previous words especially the homophones.

100’s day-Thursday is the 100th day of school. I have some fun activities planned for the morning. Please remember to send in your child’s 100 collection and the 100’s day writing packet.

Valentine’s Day-Friday we will celebrate Valentine’s day. We will be making bagel pizzas and decorating cookies. The children will pass out valentines to all their friends.

Here is a list of names:

  1. Lucas
  2. Audrey
  3. Karyssa
  4. Allisa
  5. Joey
  6. Evan
  7. Hannah
  8. Morgan H.
  9. Morgan J.
  10. Nikki
  11. Victoria
  12. Brandon
  13. Julie
  14. Cheyne
  15. Courtney
  16. Dean
  17. Zachary
  18. Alyssa
  19. Noah
  20. Tarrence
  21. Adam W.
  22. Adam Z.
  23. Tyler


Morley Candy Tour Thursday, February 18th in the AM-we will be back in time for lunch

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