A Peek at the Week



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SPELLING-We are now spelling words with more than one syllable. In order to divide words into syllables, we play Vowel Tag. The vowel is running the way we read. The vowel tags the consonant after it and makes it a closed syllable.

For example, magnet is divided into two syllables:    mag   net

This week the spelling words are:

  1. within
  2. visit
  3. travel
  4. suffix
  5. planets
  6. object
  7. level
  8. finished
  9. itself
  10. hundred
  11. himself
  12. cannot
  13. British
  14. children
  15. happened
  16. pretty
  17. woman
  18. women

READING-The children started bringing home comprehension sheets with their reading homework. Please make sure your child completes the sheet. If your child is reading a chapter book they only need to read one chapter a night and fill out the log for that section. We are working on “good thinking” about books.

MATH-This week we will be reviewing for and taking the 1st quarter assessment. The report card grades will be based on this assessment. The test is planned for Thursday, Nov. 4th. Review sheet will come home on Monday.

SOCIAL STUDIES- In November and December we will be focusing on Colonial times followed by Celebrations around the world.

EARLY RELEASE DAY-We have an early release day on Tuesday Nov. 2nd.

NO SCHOOL-There will be no school on Wed., Nov. 10th and Wed., Nov. 24th through Nov. 28th.

CONFERENCES-It is hard to believe that it is almost report card time. In the next few weeks we will be testing the children in reading, math and writing. Conferences are on Wed., Nov. 17th in the evening and on Thurs., Nov. 18th in the afternoon and evening. Look for a conference sheet to come home-please fill out your most convienent times and we will do everything we can to accomidate you. I hope to meet with every family!!




Halloween Party

Friday afternoon we had a great time at our Halloween Party. The children decorated a treat bag and a cupcake, watched a Halloween movie, paraded around the school and ate pizza. Thank you to all the parents who donated treats. Also thank you  to Jenna’s and Alexis’s mom for coming in to help!!


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Donuts with Dad

Wednesday morning dads and grandpas came to school early and enjoyed a treat with their child. It was great to see all those smiling faces.


We have been working on adding descriptive words to our writing. Today we used our five senses to describe an apple and pumpkin. The kids favorite part was tasting the apples. Later this week we will be writing a fall poem using our 5 senses and typing them in Computer Lab on Monday.

Peek at the Week-October 24, 2010

Spelling Words-This weeks spelling words focus on complex beginnings. Words that begin with two or more consonants. The complex front, or blend, must be segmented  for spelling and blended for reading.

  • Fresh
  • flat
  • class
  • grass
  • glass
  • crops
  • cross
  • drop
  • dress
  • step
  • plan
  • skin
  • skim
  • trip
  • swim
  • any
  • anything
  • eye

Science-Magnet test is planned for Wednesday. Look for review sheet to come home on Monday.

Math-This week we are also finishing up Unit 2 with the test planned on Friday. Look for the review sheet coming home on Tuesday.

Halloween Parade-Please send your child’s halloween costume in a bag on Friday. Make sure the costume is school appropriate-no weapons or masks.  The parade will begin at 2:00. The best place to watch it is outside on the bus loop. If you would like to send in treats for the class-we have 26 students in class.

Donuts with Dad-This Wednesday from 7:45-8:30 come in and enjoy a donut with dad. I can’t wait to see you!!!