A Peek at the Week-October 16th

Early Release-Monday, October 18th is an early release day. Children will be released at 1:30.

Spelling-Spelling words for the week are:

  • call
  • all
  • ball
  • fall
  • shall
  • tall
  • wall
  • talk
  • walk
  • chalk
  • bank
  • song
  • long
  • thing
  • wrong
  • among
  • length

We have learned that a closed syllable is one where the vowel is closed in by the consonants. The vowel sound is short in a closed syllable . However some consonant sounds distort the vowel. In all and walk, the letter a has the short /o/ sound. In bank the vowel has a long /a/ sound. In sing, the vowel sound is a long /e/ sound.

Please practice these words every night!!

You can also visit spelling city to play games with our spelling words. Click on the picture below.

Once you get to the site you can click on find a list and enter in my name: Amy Laidlaw to find our spelling lists.  We are going to play a few of the games in Computer lab on Monday!

Writing-We have been working really hard on writing. In September we focused on gathering ideas and narrowing down our topic.  We also learned how to hook a reader with a good beginning and end it with a feeling. In October and November we are going to focus on adding details and interesting words.

Book Treasures-Last week we read the story Owen by Kevin Henkes.  Please have your child retell the story to you and then write it on the book treasure sheet. Book treasures are due on Fridays.  Retelling is an important skill for 2nd grade. Please look for details and the theme or problem/solugtion of the story. I will try to post a podcast of all the stories from now on. You can click on the book covers to listen to a story again.

Muffins with Mom

Thursday morning Eisenhower hosted Muffins with Moms. The children came to school early and enjoyed a muffin and some milk. It was great so see all the families!!! In 2 weeks we are hosting Donuts with Dad-I hope we see even more families at that event!!




Book Buddies

Friday we had a great time with our book buddies. We did a pumpkin math project. The children had to predict and then measure various aspects of the pumpkin.