Peek at the Week-October 24, 2010

Spelling Words-This weeks spelling words focus on complex beginnings. Words that begin with two or more consonants. The complex front, or blend, must be segmented  for spelling and blended for reading.

  • Fresh
  • flat
  • class
  • grass
  • glass
  • crops
  • cross
  • drop
  • dress
  • step
  • plan
  • skin
  • skim
  • trip
  • swim
  • any
  • anything
  • eye

Science-Magnet test is planned for Wednesday. Look for review sheet to come home on Monday.

Math-This week we are also finishing up Unit 2 with the test planned on Friday. Look for the review sheet coming home on Tuesday.

Halloween Parade-Please send your child’s halloween costume in a bag on Friday. Make sure the costume is school appropriate-no weapons or masks.  The parade will begin at 2:00. The best place to watch it is outside on the bus loop. If you would like to send in treats for the class-we have 26 students in class.

Donuts with Dad-This Wednesday from 7:45-8:30 come in and enjoy a donut with dad. I can’t wait to see you!!!

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