Holiday Party

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 We had a great time celebrating the holidays with our pancake breakfast. The children made an ornament, reindeer food and a yummy Christmas tree. Thank you to my mom and her husband, my oldest daughter Morgan, Ms Ellie and Maggie’s aunt Sue for helping with all the activities.  I also want to thank everyone for donating food for our party!!

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Book Treasure-Gingerbread Baby

Today we read the story Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. That sassy cookie! When Matti opens the oven door just a little too soon, out pops a gingerbread baby instead of the gingerbread boy he was expecting. Eluding all efforts to catch him, the flat, becandied baby is chased around the village and into the countryside. He mercilessly taunts Matti’s parents, a cat, the milk and cheese man, goats, villagers, a fox, and more. In a less traumatic twist on the classic Gingerbread Boy story, this Gingerbread Baby even outfoxes the fox. Sure he’s bratty, but he doesn’t deserve the gruesome end the Gingerbread Boy usually comes to. Matti makes sure this naughty but appealing little one ends up right where he belongs.

Gingerbread Baby

A Peek at the Week-Dec. 20

Spelling-Because of the snowdays last week we are having our spelling test from Unit 12 on Tuesday morning. Look for the spelling homework sheet to come home Monday.

Math-Also, due to the snowdays the Math test is postponed until after Christmas break.  Please continue practicing simple math facts-it helps tremendously now that we have moved on to double digit addition.

Social Studies-The Celebrations around the world test will be on Wednesday. Look for the review sheet to come home Monday.

Pajama Day-Our entire school earned 900 smile ticket and as a reward we will have PJ day on Monday, Deccember 20th.

Holiday Sing Along-Our annual Christmas sing along will be on Tuesday afternoon in the gym.

Christmas Pancake Breakfast-Wednesday morning we are having our Christmas party. We are going to have pancakes and sausage, make some crafts and reindeer food. We are also having a book exchange for all the students. Please remember to send in a wrapped book valued about $4.00-with your child’s name on it.

Christmas break is December 23rd thru January 2nd!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Enjoy your time off with family and friends!




Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

Laidlaw Girls!

Celebrations around the World

As a cummulation to our Social Studies unit 2nd grade celebrated in the gym with crafts and delicious foods from around the world.  A big thank you to all the parents that donated items and helped run the stations-we could not have done it without you!!!!!!!!!


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Mr. Zielinski reads to 2nd grade-December 17th

Today Mr. Zeilinski read Christmas stories to 2nd grade. The children really enjoyed listening to all the holiday stories.

Polar Express Party

The Polar Express

This afternoon 2nd grade had their Polar Express Party.  We had 3 stations that the children rotated through. I read the children the story on a life size train, we made a reindeer ornament and drank hot chocolate at the final station.

Two Digit Addition

This week was very challenging  in math. I introduced the students to 2-digit addition. First, I showed them the traditional way of adding (the “carrying” method or adding with regrouping), where you carry or regroup a number over into the tens column. Then, I showed them another way of adding called “The Partial Sums Algorithum.” In this method, students work from the left to the right, adding the tens, and then the ones, and then adding them together. Students must be able to do both methods. They will be asked on our unit test to show both methods. Once students are proficient in both methods, they will eventually be able to choose the method that they find easiest. Mrs. Short f found a video that explains “Partial Sums” in a slow, precise manner. It would be great for your child to watch and review this method, but I think that it is also beneficial for parents. Most of us parents are not familiar with this method because we were not taught this way when we were in school. I have also included a video demonstrating the regrouping or “carrying” method. I hope that you find these helpful!!

Thanks to Mrs. Short for finding the video!!