A Peek at the Week-December 6th

Spelling-Starting with spelling unit 12 we will spend 2 weeks on each unit. The concepts for the rest of the year are challenging and I want to spend 2 weeks working with each of them.  I am splitting the spelling words into 2 groups of ten to be tested onFriday’s.One word each week will be a repeat.

Week 1 words are:

  1. go
  2. so
  3. beside
  4. became
  5. belong
  6. exactly
  7. express
  8. little
  9. idea
  10. yourself

In the next two weeks we will be learning that an open syllable in one that ends in a vowel. The vowel can run a long way. It is very proud, so it says its own name or long sound.

Prefixes are word parts that are added to the beginning of a word that changes the word’s meaning. These prefixes included with these words are: be-, de-, ex-, pro-, re-

Please continue studying the spelling words nightly and work on the spelling activities on the parent letter.

Math-We are starting unit 4 in math this week. This unit focuses on number stories, reading a thermometer, estimating and adding double digit numbers using the partial sum method.

Santa Shop-We are scheduled to attend the Santa Shop on Wednesday morning. If you would like to preview the items Santa Shop will be open Tuesday night from 5:00-6:30.

Book Orders-Book orders are due on Wednesday. Books make a great Christmas gift. If you would like your order to be  a surprise just write me a note and I will hold onto them so you can pick them up.