Book Treasure-Legend of the Poinsettia

Today we read a legend about the Poinsettia retold by Tomie dePaola,

 A legend is a  narrative  handed down from the past to explain an event, transmit a lesson, or simply entertain an audience. Though customarily told as “true” stories, legends often contain supernatural, bizarre, or highly improbable elements.

In this legend from Mexico, a little girl, Lucinda, is proud to help her mother weave a new blanket for the Baby Jesus to be used in a Christmas procession. But when Lucinda’s mother takes ill, Lucinda tangles the yarn and is unable to complete the blanket. Feeling she has ruined Christmas, Lucinda is reluctant to go to the procession until a mysterious old woman appears from the shadows and tells Lucinda, “Any gift is beautiful because it is given. Whatever you give, the Baby Jesus will love because it comes from you.” Nervously, Lucinda grabs an armful of weeds, which she brings into the church. As she prays, the weeds open into dazzling red flowers that decorate the altar.

Listen to the story below!!!

Legend of the poinsettia

Snowman at Night

<em>Snowmen at Night</em> [<em>Book</em>]

In January we are going to participate in another video conference with a second grade class, this time in Pennsylvania. Both classes are going to read the story Snowman at Night and write a story explaining what snowmen do at night when we are all asleep. The computer tech incharge of coordinating this project made a web site so we can interact with eachother.

Take a peek at the website.