Two Digit Addition

This week was very challenging  in math. I introduced the students to 2-digit addition. First, I showed them the traditional way of adding (the “carrying” method or adding with regrouping), where you carry or regroup a number over into the tens column. Then, I showed them another way of adding called “The Partial Sums Algorithum.” In this method, students work from the left to the right, adding the tens, and then the ones, and then adding them together. Students must be able to do both methods. They will be asked on our unit test to show both methods. Once students are proficient in both methods, they will eventually be able to choose the method that they find easiest. Mrs. Short f found a video that explains “Partial Sums” in a slow, precise manner. It would be great for your child to watch and review this method, but I think that it is also beneficial for parents. Most of us parents are not familiar with this method because we were not taught this way when we were in school. I have also included a video demonstrating the regrouping or “carrying” method. I hope that you find these helpful!!

Thanks to Mrs. Short for finding the video!!

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