Book Treasure-I’ve Seen Santa

Today we read I’ve Seen Santa!  Little Bear eagerly awaits Santa’s arrival–in fact, he’s so excited that he can’t sleep. He catches Big Bear drinking Santa’s milk and eating Santa’s blueberry pies, and then catches his mother putting presents in the stockings. The furry, cuddly bears fall asleep together by the Christmas tree. They all miss seeing Santa, even though he sees them.


Ive seen santa


Snow Days

Hopefully we will be back at school tomorrow!! It has been a wonderful 2 days off, but I am ready to get back to school. We are planning to continue with our Celebrations around the world festivities tomorrow morning. If you signed up to bring something in-please make sure to send it tomorrow morning. Make sure to bring your slippers!!!

I will be giving the spelling preview Unit 12 tomorrow-test will be postponed until Tuesday, December 21st.

Math test will mostlikely be postponed until after Christmas break.


A Peek at the Week-December 13th

Spelling-We are continuing Unit 12 this week. This week we will be learning that an open syllable in one that ends in a vowel. The vowel can run a long way. It is very proud, so it says its own name or long sound.

Prefixes are word parts that are added to the beginning of a word that changes the word’s meaning. These prefixes included with these words are: be-, de-, ex-, pro-, re-

Please continue studying the spelling words nightly and work on the spelling activities on the parent letter

  1. also
  2. she
  3. we
  4. result
  5. relent
  6. describe
  7. developed
  8. provide
  9. yourself
  10. little

Math-Unit 4 focuses on building on simple addition skills. We will be learning to add double digit numbers with and without regrouping along with estimating. These skills are very difficult, please help your child work on gaining fact power with simple addition. The test for unit 4 is planned for Wed. December 23rd.

Early Release Day-Tuesday, December 14th will be an Early Release Day-Children will be released at 1;30

Book Fair-Our Book Fair is Thursday during our Library time. If your child will be purchasing books make sure to send money in on Thursday.  

Celebrations Around the World-Wednesday, December 15th we will have a large celebration in the gym making various crafts and tasting delicious foods  from different countries. This is a great way to end our social studies unit. The test for this unit is planned for Tuesday, December 21st.

Santa Night- Eisenhower will be holding its annual Santa Night on Thursay, December 16th from 5-8. Students can listen to Santa read a story, build a craft in Santa’s workshop, have their picture taken with Santa, enjoy cookies and juice, and shop at the Book Fair.

Polar Express Party-On Friday afternoon December 17th we will celebrating the holidays with a special reading of the Polar Express book on our life size train. We will also enjoy hot chocolate and cookies, just as they did in the book.  Please have your child wear their P.J.’s to school and bring one of their most precious items for a writing activity in the morning.

Holiday Pancake Breakfast-On our last day of school-Wednesday, December 23rd we will enjoy a yummy pancake breakfast, make a craft and reindeer food. Thanks for volunteering to send items in for this breakfast!!

Gift Exchange-During our pancake breakfast we will exchange books with eachother. Please send in a wrapped book valued around $4.00. Please make the book for either a boy or girl ( we will be playing a passing game-so it can end up with anyone!!) Please write just your name on the tag so everyone knows who the book is from!!!

Book Treasure-Legend of the Poinsettia

Today we read a legend about the Poinsettia retold by Tomie dePaola,

 A legend is a  narrative  handed down from the past to explain an event, transmit a lesson, or simply entertain an audience. Though customarily told as “true” stories, legends often contain supernatural, bizarre, or highly improbable elements.

In this legend from Mexico, a little girl, Lucinda, is proud to help her mother weave a new blanket for the Baby Jesus to be used in a Christmas procession. But when Lucinda’s mother takes ill, Lucinda tangles the yarn and is unable to complete the blanket. Feeling she has ruined Christmas, Lucinda is reluctant to go to the procession until a mysterious old woman appears from the shadows and tells Lucinda, “Any gift is beautiful because it is given. Whatever you give, the Baby Jesus will love because it comes from you.” Nervously, Lucinda grabs an armful of weeds, which she brings into the church. As she prays, the weeds open into dazzling red flowers that decorate the altar.

Listen to the story below!!!

Legend of the poinsettia

Snowman at Night

<em>Snowmen at Night</em> [<em>Book</em>]

In January we are going to participate in another video conference with a second grade class, this time in Pennsylvania. Both classes are going to read the story Snowman at Night and write a story explaining what snowmen do at night when we are all asleep. The computer tech incharge of coordinating this project made a web site so we can interact with eachother.

Take a peek at the website.