Peek at the Week-January 31st

SPELLING-This week we will be concentrating on the 2nd half of unit 14. We are continuing with the long e pattern. The word are as follows:

  1. really
  2. repeated
  3. reason
  4. sea
  5. seat
  6. speak
  7. stream
  8. should
  9. their
  10. there

MATH-We are finishing up unit 5 this week. Reviewing will begin on Tuesday with the test planned on Friday. Review sheets will start coming home Tuesday.

SCIENCE-The weather unit is wrapping up this week also. The test is planned for Thursday. Review sheet and all handouts from this unit will come home Tuesday.

EARLY RELEASE DAY-The children will be released at 1;30 on Thursday, February 3rd.

VALENTINE PARTY-We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Monday, February 14th. Notes are coming home on Monday for donations and name list for cards.


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