The Wild Tobaggan Ride

Today we read the story The Wild Tobaggan Ride by: Suzan Reid

Aw… you know the feeling of sledding. You always want to go back for ONE LAST RIDE, right? Pity grown-ups forget that sort of thing. They really need reminding…

Like… maybe… the sort of reminding that happens when your grandpa accidentally falls onto your toboggan and you go sliding all the way through town, picking up bakers and cops and mailmen on the way? Each new person causes the rest of them to squabble about sitting still in their own spots, which of course is wildly amusing given that they’re going at three times top speed down that hill. It actually reminds me a lot of No Jumping on the Bed!

And of course, Grandpa is the one who runs back up at the end… for just that one last ride.

Take a listen to this hilarious story!!

The wild tobaggan ride

Math Club

Friday Mrs. Short and I had our first math club meeting. Money was the focus of the week. We read a story A Quarter from the Tooth Fairy  , went shopping for candy by making different differnt money amounts with coins and finally went to stations with money activities.



Book Treasure-Tacky the Penguin

Today we read Tacky the Penguin. Tacky the Penguin is a total nonconformist who lives with a group of formal, proper penguins. But it is Tacky who foils the plans of three critters with”get-rich-quick plans” that threaten the penguins’ existence. With his un-penguin-like antics, Tacky puzzles the hunters to such an extent that they’re firmly convinced they cannot be in the “land of the pretty penguins.”

Please click below to listen to the story.

Tacky the Penguin

Peek at the Week-January 10th

SPELLING-We are continuing with Unit 13 this week. This unit continues to focus on the open syllable (a syllable that ends in a vowel). This vowel is very proud and can run a long way and therefore says its name or a long sound.  This weeks words are:

  1. represent
  2. silent
  3. moment
  4. create
  5. even
  6. locate
  7. event
  8. notice
  9. their
  10. there

We are also talking about homophones-word that sound the same but have different meanings and differnt spellings.  The words: their and there are difficult to use correctly for 2nd graders.

MATH-We started the geometry unit last week. You might have noticed that we are doing the lessons out of order this time. The 2nd quarter assessment is going to fall in the middle of the unit. There are a few geometry items on this test and we wanted to cover them first so the children can be ready for the report card test next week. We will start reviewing for the 2nd quarter test next week.

EARLY RELEASE-Wednesday is an Early Release Day. Children will be dismissed at 1:30.

FIELD TRIP-Thursday, January 14th we will be going to the Troy Historical Museum. Please wear your gray 2nd grade t-shirt and bring a brown bag lunch with disposable items in it. Also please dress for the weather, we will be traveling between buildings.

BOOK ORDERS-January book orders went home last week and are due back Friday. Please send in your form and money by Friday if you would like to purchase books. You can also order online with a credit card. Just go to:  

 Go to the parents tab at the top of the page and scroll to the book club orders section. You will have to register and log in. You will also have to enter a class activation code to ensure order come to me. The code is:GZBP8

Everytime you order online the class recieves a book for the classroom.

RECESS-Please remember to dress for the weather. The children go outside twice a day for 20 minutes. Winter coats, boots, hats and mittens are a must when it is in the 20’s.



Book Treasure-Purple, Green and Yellow

This week I read one of my favorite authors, Robert Munch. He writes some very funny stories!!

Robert Munch has a great website where he reads most of his stories aloud. Click on the book cover for a link to his website and listen to his story!

Brigid is on the trail of the ultimate felt marker. At first, she’s satisfied to be drawing wonderful pictures. But soon she must have the markers that wash off with water. Then she needs the markers that smell.

But she’s happiest when she gets the super-indelible-never-comes-off-till-you’re-dead markers. She draws brighter-than-real lemons and roses and then goes too far: Brigid draws on herself. Nothing will remove the color, so Brigid reaches deep into the box of markers, finds the people-colored marker, and covers up all the other colors. She looks better than before, too good to be true.

And Brigid is certain that no one will find out her secret. Especially since her father awakes from a nap and looks in the mirror. He looks a bit too good to be true too…

A Peek at the Week-January 3rd


I hope everyone enjoyed their time off!! I am looking forward to getting back to all the smiling faces and wonderful holiday stories!!!

SPELLING-This week we will be starting Unit 13.  This unit continues to focus on the open syllable (a syllable that ends in a vowel). This vowel is very proud and can run a long way and therefore says its name or a long sound. We will also learn that when the a is open (as in the words ago, across, etc.) it often has the short u sound. 

We will be working on unit 13 for 2 weeks.  Ten words will be tested this week and ten next week.

  1. ago
  2. across
  3. along
  4. alone
  5. arrived
  6. amaze
  7. students
  8. equal
  9. total
  10. finally

MATH-Starting the week we will be reviewing for the Unit 4 test that is planned for Wednesday. Unit 5 will be taught out of order because part of unit 5 is on the 2nd quarterly exam which we will have to test before the unit is finished.  The report card exam will be tested Thursday January 20th. Look for review sheet a few days before.

Science-We will be starting a new science unit on weather this week.  The children will be learning about different types of severe weather,  cloud formations, and the water cycle. We will also be tracking our weather and temperature as a class.

Field Trip-The Troy Historical Museum trip is next Thursday. Please make sure to send in payment for the trip if you have not done so yet.

A look ahead-There are quite a few days off in January due to MLK holiday and records day for report cards that will be coming out at the end of the month.

  • Early Release day Wed 1-12
  • No school Mon. 1-17
  • No school Mon. 1-24
  • Early Release day Thurs. 2-3