A Peek at the Week


The R Family- The R family has five spellings for the /er/ sound: er, ir, ur, ar, or. Two of these spellings, however, are teenagers in the family. They will say the family sound, but they prefer their own sound. The spelling or says /or/ as in “for”. The spelling or says /ar/ as in “car”.

 Week 1 

  1. art
  2. arm
  3. army
  4. far
  5. dark
  6. chart
  7. garden
  8. farmers
  9. dollar
  10. similar

Week 2

  1.  hard
  2. mark
  3. park
  4. party
  5. stars
  6. started
  7. march
  8. yard
  9. similar
  10. particular

SOCIAL STUDIES-We are having a test on Tuesday for our American Symbols unit. Review sheet should have come home on Friday.

Our next 2 week unit will be on landforms.

MATH-We have started Unit 8 on fractions.  This is a fairly short unit and will test on it before Spring Break. Next week will will take a break and review and take the 3rd quarter math assessment. Look for review sheets to come home for the quarterly assessment next week.

WRITING-We just finished writing our class book for publication. We have been working on writing similies and using more precise words in our writing.  This week we are writing a paper on how lucky we are and why.

MARCH IS READING MONTH-Please remember to hand in your reading logs every Monday. Second Graders are expected to read 100 minutes a week.

School wide read in is scheduled for Friday March 18th. We encourage your child to bring a pillow blanket and stuffed animal. They may also wear PJ’s that day.

TIMELINE-Don’t forget to turn in your social studies timeline on Monday!!