A Peek at the Week-March 20th

SPELLING-The R Family- The R family has five spellings for the /er/ sound: er, ir, ur, ar, or. Two of these spellings, however, are teenagers in the family. They will say the family sound, but they prefer their own sound. The spelling or says /or/ as in “for”. The spelling or says /ar/ as in “car”.

New spelling words for this week:

  1. hard
  2. mark
  3. park
  4. party
  5. stars
  6. started
  7. march
  8. yard
  9. similar
  10. particular

EARLY RELEASE DAY-We have an early release day on Tuesday March 22nd. Children will be released at 1:30

JUNIE B JONES PLAY-We will be attending a Junie B Jones play Wednesday March 23rd in the morning. We will be back in time for lunch! Please wear your Sunday best to the play.

BOOK EXCHANGE-Student Council is sponsoring a book exchange. Please send in gently used books and your child will be able to pick out new ones.  Please send in books by Tuesday, March 23rd with the exchange happening on Wednesday 24th in the afternoon.

MATH-This week we are reviewing for the 3rd quarter assessment. The test will be given on Friday, March 25th. Please look for the first review sheet to come home Monday!!

READING LOGS-Please send in your reading logs Monday!!! This weeks prize is 20 minutes extra recess!!!