A Peek at the Week-March 28th

SPELLING- The R family has five spellings for the /er/ sound: er, ir, ur, ar, and or. Two of these spellings, however, are teenagers in the family. They will signal the family sound, but they prefer their own sound. The spelling or signals the /or/, as in “for”. The spelling ar signals /ar/, as in “car”. This week we will focus on the or spelling.


Week 1

  • born
  • corn
  • corner
  • forest
  • form
  • north
  • horse
  • torn
  • factor
  • color

Week 2

  • before
  • order
  • correct
  • report
  • important
  • major
  • northern
  • doctor
  • factor
  • color

MATH-This week we will be finishing up our unit on fractions. Please look for a review sheet to come home Monday and Tuesday-Test will be on Thursday.

SOCIAL STUDIES-This week we are also finishing up on our Landforms unit. Please look for a review sheet to come home Monday with the test scheduled on Wednesday.

READING LOGS-Please make sure to turn in your final reading log on Monday!!!

APRIL SELF-ESTEEM PROJECT-I will be sending home the April self esteem project this week. Please send it back in on Monday,April 11th.

SPRING BREAK-Please enjoy your spring break!!! We are off from April 1st through April 10th.

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