End of the year!!

The last few weeks of 2nd grade went so fast!!! It’s hard to believe the smiling faces that walked into the classroom are now waving goodbye and heading to third grade!!

Here are a few pictures of the pool party!!

Last week of school

It is hard to believe the school year is almost over!!

We have had a wonderful year. I have really enjoyed watching the children learn and grow this year!  Enjoy the last few days of school! Here are a few reiminders for this week!

  • 2nd grade bash is on Monday!!! It looks like it will be a wonderful day!! Please wear your bathing suit under your clothes. A bathing suit must be worn in the pool-no shorts allowed!!  Bring  a backpack with a towel and water bottle in it. If you would like your child to wear sunscreen, please apply it before they come to school. We will be grilling hot dogs for lunch. Please send in a snack for your child to be eaten before we leave for the pool. If you are chaperoning please be at school by 9:50..we are walking to the pool by 10:00.
  • Field Day is Tuesday morning. We will be outside most of the morning. Please wear your second grade t-shirt and send in a water bottle. If you want your child to wear sun screen please apply it before they get to school. Please send in a snack, we will take a break about 10:00.
  • Last Day of School is Tuesday. Children will be released at 12:00. No backpacks are allowed that morning! The children will be bringing home their report cards, so keep an eye out for it!!

Talent Show

Before Memorial Day Eisenhower had its annual talent show. Two of our brave classmates participated. Give a hand to Jayden and Jenna!!

Devin Scillian

Channel 4 reporter visited our school last week to share with us his other passion in life…writing!!! Mr. Sciallian is an award winning author of some great picture books!!!


Today some of the children finished their glogs!

Take a peek at our animal reports!!

Lindsey: http://sf3773o.edu.glogster.com/glog/

P.J.: http://s6n83qx.edu.glogster.com/glog/

James: http://sevjg52.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Nichole: http://snbcqpy.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Christian O.: http://sap3aje.edu.glogster.com/glog-3661/

Dominic: http://srkfumo.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Drake: http://s2fveos.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Alexis: http://sfpcokt.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Alan: http://spj48f4.edu.glogster.com/glog/

 Ashley: http://svjx3wd.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Maggie: http://sxgmx7t.edu.glogster.com/glog-4507/

Marquis: http://se4a44r.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Jenna: http://sfkzt9e.edu.glogster.com/glog-655/

Brendan: http://srosdcz.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Alyssa: http://sq5tw3y.edu.glogster.com/cat/

Kayla P: http://s7hr5xw.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Jaiden L.: http://s2g959e.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Brian: http://swj7zr3.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Garret: http://srsc95u.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Christian T.: http://sbfsc7e.edu.glogster.com/glog-1056-4859/

Zoey: http://smvqqpa.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Jayden C.: http://s3z99oq.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Brody: http://sbre7fw.edu.glogster.com/glog-3203-6065/

John: http://st3wse6.edu.glogster.com/glog/

Martae: http://sntejo9.edu.glogster.com/glog/