A peek at the Week-Sept. 26th

Spelling-The children took their spelling preview on Unit 3 today. Please make sure that they study this weeks words and any words misspelled on previous tests. The goal of this spelling program is to use these words correctl from this point forward not only on a spelling test but in their everyday writing.

Unit 3 words:

  • up
  • about
  • each
  • how
  • will

I have updated Spelling City with our spelling words.

MATH-The first homelink is coming home Tuesday. HomeLinks are always due the following day. We are also finishing up Unit 1 this week. The test is planned for Friday. Look for a review sheet to come home on Wed. 

SOCIAL STUDIES-We are also finishing up our first SS unit this week. The test is planned for Monday Oct 3rd. Look for the review sheet later this week.

CLASS T-SHIRT-Sorry for the confusion with dates on the t-shirt form. I have no idea how I got sheets with 2 different dates on them.  We are trying to have the shirts in by our first field trip on Oct. 11th.



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