Mr. Zielinski

Yesterday we were very lucky to have Mr. Zielinski come in and read to our class! He read us 3 very funny and spooky Halloween stories.! He also brought in very cool pencil sharpeners for every child!

Thanks for coming to visit us!!



Book Treasure-Froggy’s Halloween

This week we read the story Froggy’s Halloween. Froggy is distracted. At home his mother has to remind him to do his homework, and at school his teacher chides him for not paying attention. But how can he? Halloween is next week and he must come up with a great costume. How about Super Frog? “Flying high over the city. Faster than a dragonfly! Stronger than a bullfrog!” Or perhaps something scarier: Count Von Frogula! But then his mom reminds him that vampires have fangs, and that Froggy is a toothless wonder. Froggy has a lot of spooky thoughts on his mind, that’s for sure; little does he know just how scary his Halloween will be! Jonathan London hones in on the joys and horrors of Halloween for the young, especially for boys who are not prepared for the amorous attentions of girls.

Take a listen to our story!!

froggys halloween