A Peek at the Week-October 24th

SPELLING-Spelling word for the week are:

  • time
  • could
  • like
  • him
  • see

Don’t forget to continue studying past words, as they will show up on future tests. Check out spelling city to practice your words!

WRITING- We are continuing our small moments writing unit. The children are learning about adding good beginnings and endings. We are also using a checklist to edit our own writing.

READING-This week we are ready for the 5th part of Daily 5- working with words. The children will play with words, discovering spelling patterns, working with our spelling words and working on vocabulary.

MATH-We are finishing up unit 2 this week. We will be reviewing Tuesday and Wednesday of next week with the test planned for Thursday Nov.3rd. Please continue practicing math facts! It is a vital 2nd grade skill.

HALLOWEEN-The Halloween parade is Monday Oct. 31st at 2:00. Don’t forget that if you send in a treat we have 2 peanut/ tree nut allergies in the class. Please check the ingredients on the package or send in a non-edible treat.

Mr. Zielinski

Yesterday we were very lucky to have Mr. Zielinski come in and read to our class! He read us 3 very funny and spooky Halloween stories.! He also brought in very cool pencil sharpeners for every child!

Thanks for coming to visit us!!



Book Treasure-Froggy’s Halloween

This week we read the story Froggy’s Halloween. Froggy is distracted. At home his mother has to remind him to do his homework, and at school his teacher chides him for not paying attention. But how can he? Halloween is next week and he must come up with a great costume. How about Super Frog? “Flying high over the city. Faster than a dragonfly! Stronger than a bullfrog!” Or perhaps something scarier: Count Von Frogula! But then his mom reminds him that vampires have fangs, and that Froggy is a toothless wonder. Froggy has a lot of spooky thoughts on his mind, that’s for sure; little does he know just how scary his Halloween will be! Jonathan London hones in on the joys and horrors of Halloween for the young, especially for boys who are not prepared for the amorous attentions of girls.

Take a listen to our story!!

froggys halloween


College Students Volunteer

We are so lucky to have 2 college students in our classroom this year volunteering their time!!

Mr. Mueller attends Oakland University and is studying Education. He comes in every Tuesday afternoon and is a great help in math!

Miss Henigan attends Wayne State University and is studying Physical Therapy. She comes in every Thursday morning and helps us with reading.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have such great helpers!!!





Writing Celebration

Friday we had our first writing celebration. The children shared their favorite parts of their writing with the whole group and the entire story with a smaller group. We toasted our hard work with apple juice and Cheese its! The children really enjoyed sharing their stories.


Landform Experts

Today we had group presentations of our 5 different landforms. The children stood up in front of the class as a group and told everyone what they learned about their landform. The kids did a great job!!!

Book Treasure-The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

This weeks Book Treasure was The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything.

As a little old lady makes her way home through a dark and scary forest, she comes across a pair of old shoes that walk all by themselves. Assuring the shoes that she is not afraid of them, she next comes across a floating pair of pants. A shirt follows the pants, gloves and hat follow the shirt, and finally a huge scary pumpkin head follows them all. In the end the brave little old lady finds a use for the floating objects and everyone ends happily.

 We made a retelling tree scene to help your child retell the story.

Please have your child retell the story and write a retelling on the response sheet.

Click below to listen to the story


A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-This week our spelling words are:

  1. into
  2. more
  3. has
  4. her
  5. two

Please practice words nightly!!! Don’t forget that the children are also tested on 5 previous words. Second graders especially have trouble with homonyms like there and their!!

READING-This week we are starting our 4th aspect of Daily 5-listening to reading. I have 7 MP3 players with 7-10 books loaded on them. The children will be able to choose a bag and listen to the books. By listening to good readers the children get a model of a fluent reader and are able to listen to books that they might not be able to read on their own. Listening to Reading is one of the favorite choices during Daily 5.

WRITING-This week we are starting our small moment writing unit. The children will be emersed in literature to show  children authors that write small moment stories. During this unit we will intruduce good beginnings and endings along with adding interesting word choices to our stories.

MATH-We are continuing with unit 2. This unit focuses on addition and subtraction facts. Please help your child gain “Fact Power” by practicing single digit addition and subtraction.

SCIENCE-The children are very excited with our new science unit. Last week we became experts on landforms. This week we are learning about how water affects landforms.

HALLOWEEN-We will be celebrating Halloween on Monday, October 31st right after lunch until 2pm. At which time the childern will parade through the school and out in front of the building. Please join us for the parade!!!