Donuts with dad

Last week we had our annual Donuts with Dad event. It was so nice to see all the dads in the building. Thanks for coming!

Stone Soup

Today we read a classic folktale, Stone Soup.

Three strangers, hungry and tired, pass through a war-torn village. Embittered and suspicious from the war, the people hide their food and close their windows tight. That is, until the clever strangers suggest making a soup from stones. Intrigued by the idea, everyone brings what they have until– together, they have made a feast fit for a king!

Listen to our story!

stone soup

Everyday Math Website

Today in computer lab, we went to the Everyday Math Website. On the website, you can move through the units and lessons, access the on-line reference book, print out Homelinks, do at home activities, and play math games. Your child is bringing home a letter about the website. The letter also includes their personal login and password. The website is This is a great resource for our students and I hope that all of you will take advantage of it!!!! Just click on the link below to get to the website. The link is also listed on the right side of this page under “Educational Links” then under “Everyday Math Website.”

Everyday Math Website


This week our Book Treasure was Stellaluna. Baby bat Stellaluna’s life is flitting along right on schedule–until an owl attacks her mother one night, knocking the bewildered batlet out of her mother’s loving grasp. The tiny bat is lucky enough to land in a nest of baby birds, but her whole world has just turned upside down. Literally. Stellaluna’s adoptive bird mom accepts her into her nest, but only on the condition that Stellaluna will act like a bird, not a bat. Soon Stellaluna has learned to behave like a good bird should–she quits hanging by her feet and starts eating bugs. But when she finally has an opportunity to show her bird siblings what life as a bat is like, all of them are confounded. “How can we be so different and feel so much alike?” one asks. “And how can we feel so different and be so much alike?” asks another. “I agree,” Stellaluna responds. “But we’re friends. And that’s a fact.”



Peek at the Week

SPELLING-this week our spelling words are: its, who, now, people, my. Please continue to practice nightly!! Our tests now have 12 words, 5 new ones and 7 words from past tests.

MATH-On Monday we are taking our 1st quarter math essential test. This test will be used for report card grades. Tuesday we will start unit 3 which will cover place value, money and time.

SOCIAL STUDIES-We will be starting our Early American’s Social Studies unit on Wed. The children will be learning about pilgrims, colonies, and comparing then/now.

SCIENCE-We have finished up the first section of our Landforms unit. The test is scheduled for Tuesday. Study guide came home on Friday.