Writing Celebration

Friday we had our second writing celebration to end our small moment writing unit. We invited Mrs. Biondi’s fifth grade class down to share our stories with. The kids had a great time with their new friends.

A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-This week we are working on unit 13. This weeks words are: called, just, where, most, know. Please continue practicing words for the spelling tests!!!

READING-We are continuing to work on reading strategies that will make us better readers. This week we revisited writing post-its notes for comprehension. We also worked on visualizing stories.

WRITING-On Friday we had our second writing celebration. The children are getting very good at writing small moment stories. Our next unit will focus on adding details to our small moments by revising thier writing. The children will learn how to use a carat, a flap and cutting apart their paper to add larger details or sections of their story.

MATH-We have started Unit 4 this week and hope to test the first week back from break.  One of the main concepts being taught later in this unit is double digit addition with regrouping. This is a difficult concept. Please review this new skill with your child over break.

SOCIAL STUDIES-We are continuing our Holdiay’s around the world unit. Our Celebration Around the World festivities will be Wednesday morning. If you signed up to bring in an item please send it in that morning.


Book Treasure-Gingerbread Baby

Today we read the story Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. That sassy cookie! When Matti opens the oven door just a little too soon, out pops a gingerbread baby instead of the gingerbread boy he was expecting. Eluding all efforts to catch him, the flat, becandied baby is chased around the village and into the countryside. He mercilessly taunts Matti’s parents, a cat, the milk and cheese man, goats, villagers, a fox, and more. In a less traumatic twist on the classic Gingerbread Boy story, this Gingerbread Baby even outfoxes the fox. Sure he’s bratty, but he doesn’t deserve the gruesome end the Gingerbread Boy usually comes to. Matti makes sure this naughty but appealing little one ends up right where he belongs.

Gingerbread Baby

A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-This weeks words from  Unit 12 are: words, after, very, long, little. Please continue to study words from past spelling tests!

MATH-Unit 3 math test is on Monday Dec. 5th. We will dive right in on Unit 4 Tuesday-we will work on solving number stories and learn how to add 2 and 3 digit numbers with regrouping.

WRITING-We are finishing up our unit on small moment stories. We have planned a celebration with Mrs. Biondi’s class for Friday. The children will ba able to share one of their favorite stories that they have written with a 5th grade buddy.

BOOK ORDERS-I sent home a book order information sheet on Friday.  Somehow I missplaced all the December book order sheets. You can place an order on-line by going to:


Go to the parent ordering tab to see the current book order flyers.

The activation code for our classroom is:GZBP8

Books make  great Christmas gifts!!!! Please consider ordering and building your home library.

SANTA SHOPPE-We will be shopping at Santa shop this week. Make sure to send in the envelope if you want your child to participate in this event.