A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-This week we are working on Unit 21. The words are: different, help, why, away, put. Please continue to practice old words along with the new ones.

READING-We have been working really hard on comprehension strategies while reading our books. Most of the children have been coming home with reading logs. The reading logs help the children stop and think about what they are reading. We are also working on having conversations about we are reading. It’s really hard for 2nd graders to have a conversation about what they are reading and discuss their thoughts. When your children are working on their logs talk to them about what is happening in the book and start a conversation about their reading.

MATH-We have just finished Unit 6. The next unit will work a little different. In order to work on the math essentials for the third quarter we have to take pieces from the next 3 units to accomplish all the essentials for the next report card.  The next test will be the 3rd quarter assessment for the report card.

SOCIAL STUDIES-We are working on a short unit on American Symbols. We should be finishing it up this week with the test planned for the beginning of next week.

MORLEY CANDY FACTORY-On Tuesday morning we will be going to the Morley Candy factory. The trip is a nice ending to our Social Studies Needs and Wants unit.

EARLY RELEASE DAY-Tuesday Feb 28th the children will be released at 1:30