Officer Buckle and Gloria

Officer Buckle is a roly-poly bloke, dedicated to teaching schoolchildren important safety tips, such as never put anything in your ear and never stand on a swivel chair. The problem is, Officer Buckle’s school assemblies are dull, dull, dull, and the children of Napville just sleep, sleep, sleep. That is, until Gloria the police dog is invited along! Stealthily pantomiming each safety tip behind Officer Buckle’s back, Gloria wins the children’s hearts. Meanwhile Officer Buckle assumes the cheers and laughter are all for him.


Subtraction Rap

At my science inservice yesterday we were discussing neat tricks other 2nd grade teachers were using to help teach difficult concepts. Thanks to the 2nd grade team at Twain I can share this cute subtraction rap!


On Monday the kids planted grass seed out in the hall with Mr. Mueller. We are going to start the plant science unit after Easter break and I wanted the kids to have a common experience to write a “How To” about! We can’t wait for our “grass” hair to grow on our cup that we drew a face on!

Just a couple more…

More Audio Boo’s

Creating an audio boo was such fun…the kids were sooo excited to use the Ipad. I can’t wait for them to be able to create one on their own!!

Our Favorite Books

Today the class made an audio boo for their favorite book. We are going to try and make others using other comprehension skills in the next few weeks!!

Take a peek at our favorites!