Daisy-Head Mayzie

Today’s book treasure was Dr. Suess’s book Daisy Head Mayzie! I love the way his book ryhme and actually make my toungue do gymnastics!!

When a daisy suddenly sprouts from the top of Mayzie McGrew’s head, she is faced with her classmates’ taunts, her parents’ dismay, and a publicity agent’s greed. How poor Mayzie learns that love is more important than fame and fortune makes an endearing morality tale for our time–and for all ages.

I found a video of the book-take a peek!


Froggy Plays Soccer

This week we enjoyed a Froggy book!

It’s the day of the big game, and Froggy is ready. His soccer team is
playing the Wild Things for the City Cup. All Froggy has to do is remember the
rule: “Head it! Boot it! Knee it! Shoot it! BUT DON’T USE YOUR HANDS!” But
Froggy’s busy doing cartwheels and picking daisies. Uh oh, Froggy! Here comes
the ball! Budding soccer players and Froggy’s many fans will welcome Froggy’s
latest hilarious adventure.

 Take a peek at a video I found of a dad reading a bed time story to his kids.