Working on Treasure Book

Last week we made our treasure books. The treasure book is journal that the children will be using to write their thoughts, ideas and stories. We covered the journal with special things that are importent to us!! I can’t wait to read all the stories they will tell!

A Peek at the Week-September 24th

SPELLING-This weeks spelling words are: will, each, about, how, up. The skill we will be focusing on is “ou” and “ow” spelling pattern. Please continue to practice the spelling words nightly. Take a peek at spelling city website-you can practice your words on a fun way! the web site is in the left column. 

READING-This week we are going to work on some comprehension skills-predictions and wonderings. Thinking about text helps us better understand what is happening. 

MATH-We finished up Unit 1 and are going to review for the test the rest of the week. The test is planned for Friday Sept. 28th. Look for review sheets to study from!

SOCIAL STUDIES-We are also finishing up our communities unit this week. A review sheet will come home Thursday. The test is planned for Monday Oct. 1st.

TREASURE BOXES-I can’t wait to see all the wonderful boxes everyone has created! Some of them have started coming in. We will share the boxes with each other Thursday. On Friday I will read their first Book treasure. We will enjoy a story and get a souvenir to help us remember the story. Over the weekend have your child retell the story to you and write down their retelling. Eventually the children will need to write their own retelling. If your child has difficulty remembering the story go into the book treasure archives on the left collumn and find the weeks story to listen to again.