Experimenting with Landforms

We have been working with Landforms and experimenting with what rain does to the land. We tried to make a mud slide to show how grass, rocks, tress help prevent erosion.

Plump and Perky Turkey

On Friday we read a silly story-When the people of Squawk Valley find themselves without a turkey for their Thanksgiving feast, they plot a way to lure one into town: They’ll advertise for a “model” turkey to pose during an arts-and-crafts fair, and gobble the bird when they’ve finished the artwork. But they don’t plan on meeting up with Pete—a turkey so clever, he outsmarts them all!


The Children took home a turkey outline to disguise their own turkey. Once all the turkeys are in we will share them with a class in Texas. We will be taking a virtual field trip to Texas! We can’t wait!


A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-This weeks words are: its, who, now, people, my. We will be revisiting adding endings onto root words. The rules are very difficult for 2nd grader to remember. Please practice!

READING-We are continuing our theme work on Doing the Right Thing. The children and I have been reading The Giraffe the Pelli and Me. We are focusing on how the characters are doing the right thing. On Friday Mrs. Zombo came into class to co-teach using the IPads using an app called Toontastic. The children worked on making cartoons to retell the story.

MATH-We are half way through Unit 3. Please work on place value, money and telling time with your child. 

SCIENCE-We are finishing up our Landform unit this week. Look for a review sheet to come home at the end of the week. Test is planned on Monday.