A Peek at the End of the Year

It’s hard to believe it is the end of the year. The children have grown so much and I am very proud of all the work they have done this year. As we wrap things up I thought I would make you aware of the assessments coming up.

SPELLING-We will have weekly review tests. This week we tested the first 45 core words. A preview came home on Tuesday. Everyone will have their own individual spelling test on Friday with the words they got wrong on Monday. There will be 2 more review tests in the next two weeks.

READING-Thursday May 30th I will be testing their reading in the hall. I am testing for accuracy and also the ability to retell the story in order with lots of details. I am also looking for the children to give me the theme or authors message.

MATH-Unit 10 test is on Tuesday May 28th. Look for the review sheets to come home today and tomorrow. We will also have an end of year assessment the following week. Right now it is planned for Thursday June 6th this test will cover all the material from the year. Look for review sheets to come home next week.

WRITING-We are finishing up our expert non-fiction writing. The kids are really doing a nice job on them. We will celebrate with the entire 2nd grade on Wed. May 29th. The plan is to go outside share our writings and enjoy a Popsicle. The following week we will write a response to our theme books. The children need to tell how the characters did the right thing in one of the stories. This is the writing that will be graded for report cards.

SCIENCE-We are finishing up our planting unit and the test is planned for next Friday May 31st. Review sheet will come home on Wednesday.

END OF THE YEAR POOL PARTY-As a final activity second grade walks to Somerset pool and spends the day enjoying each other in the sun. Permission slips and waivers came home last week and are due on May 31st. Every parent that wants to attend is welcome!!