IXL Math Link

Below you will find the IXL math link. Students can use this website to practice their math skills. You should have a index card at home with your username and password. If you have trouble i can send you your information. The link is also at the bottom of this site on the left in the education website list. 

Click on image below:


We took advantage of the beautiful weather and took today’s science experiment outside. Not to mention it was super messy and water was involved.

We noticed that our sand mountains did not hold up when the water hit it. We wondered what it would be like if we made a hill with things that are really on a hill. Like-sticks, rocks, soil, sand, leaves and bark.

We found out that the rocks and things hold the soil in place and help the land not wash away so quickly. Now…we also found out that if we pour enough water we can make everything wash away and make a big MESS!! Science is fun!!!

Everyday Math Homelinks

I’m at training today and I just learned about really cool website. You can pull up homelinks if your child forgot to bring it home.

Go to:

Click on Grade 2 EM at home

This will take you to a page that gives you all the units 

Choose the unit we are on 

Select the home link and print

Peek at the Week-Oct 28th

Spelling Words-this week our words are: no, make, than, first, been. The skill for the week is r controlled vowels -er, -ar, -ir, -or, -ur. The tests now have 12 words on them. 5 new words and 7 old words from other units. Keep practicing old words.
Grammar-We have been working on a sentence of the week. In those sentences we explore different grammar skills and parts of speech. So far we have learned about capitals, periods, nouns, verbs, commas, plurals and irregular plurals.
Math-we finished unit 2 last week and are reviewing for the test Mon. & Tues. Test is scheduled for Wednesday. Review sheet will come home Monday. We are nearing the end of our science unit. This week we are exploring how water affects landforms and the 3 states of water and their characteristics. The science test is planned for Nov. 6th. Review sheet will come home Monday Nov. 4th
Halloween party-October 31st Please send a school appropriate costume to school in a bag or their backpack (no weapons). Students will change into costumes right before the parade. Parents are welcome to come watch the parade around the bus loop at 1:30. Students may bring in a treat to pass out to friends. Make sure the treat is peanut-free. We have 23 students in our class.
Gizmo game night-come join us for a fun game night Wed. Nov. 6th. at 6:30. Send in the form or a note letting us know you will attend. 


Last week 12 of our students made it into the Super Star Club for addition. To be in the super star club students have to solve 30 addition  problems in a minute or less. Thank you for practicing math facts at home. Having fact power is an important skill that will really help as we learn new things this year. Keep practicing next week we are moving on to harder addition problems.

Popplet App

Today we started using the popplet app to make “All About Me” posters. We are going to use this app throughout the year to show reading comprehension and learning. Take a peek at my sample (No laughing please) As the students finish the popplets will be posted on the class Weebly. You can get to the Weebly by clicking on the icon to the right and search under the student work tab.