QR code scavenger hunt

Thursday we had a chance to do a QR code scavenger hunt out in the hall with my mom. (Half the class went-other half will go next Thurs)

The kids used a QR code reader on the iPad and a math problem popped up. The kids solved the math problem and then moved on to the next card. It was a fun way to practice math facts!

Mystery Skype

Today we participated on our 2nd mystery Skype. Yesterday we studied a US map and took what we learned from our last Skype and tried to narrow down what state our mystery class is from. We came up with questions to help find out where they are.

  • Does your state Border the Gulf of Mexico?
  • Does your state border Canada?
  • Does your state have a “S” in its name?
  • How many states border your state?
  • Does your state have an “A” in its name?
The kids were soooo excited when they figured out what state our mystery class is from.