Water Experts

Today we used the iPads to show our knowledge of the different bodies of water. The kids used the Skitch app to draw, label and write facts about the body of water they chose. Here is my example-to see your child’s work please click on the Weebly widget on the right.


Peek at the Week


Spelling words of the week-called, just, where, most, know. The skill for the week is silent letters in words. Please make sure to practice past words-they will reappear!

Social Studies-we are finishing up mapping and reviewing Wed and Thurs. Test for mapping unit will be Friday. Look for review sheet to come home.

Math-we finished up unit 4 last week and will review for unit test Tues. and Wed. Test is Thursday. Review sheets will come home.

Book treasure-after discussing the book with your child please have your child write the responses. Students should be able to write the responses on their own from now on.

Troy museum field trip is Monday. Please send in a bag lunch with all disposable items. We will be traveling to 3 different buildings-one room school house, general store and main museum to dip candles. This is a favorite field trip! We get to see first hand what it was like in the early 1800’s.

Board game day is Friday. If your child made the incentive for Dec. they can bring in a board game to play with friends. Keep in mind the students get 30 min to play games so long games like Monopoly might not be a good idea.

Early release day Wed. Jan. 15th students will be released at 1:30. 

The Wild Toboggan Ride


Today we read the story The Wild Tobaggan Ride by: Suzan Reid

Aw… you know the feeling of sledding. You always want to go back for ONE LAST RIDE, right? Pity grown-ups forget that sort of thing. They really need reminding…

Like… maybe… the sort of reminding that happens when your grandpa accidentally falls onto your toboggan and you go sliding all the way through town, picking up bakers and cops and mailmen on the way? Each new person causes the rest of them to squabble about sitting still in their own spots, which of course is wildly amusing given that they’re going at three times top speed down that hill. It actually reminds me a lot of No Jumping on the Bed!

And of course, Grandpa is the one who runs back up at the end… for just that one last ride.

Holiday Party

Check out the slide show from our holiday party. We had a pancake breakfast and made 2 crafts. The children also did a holiday QR code activity. Everyone brought in a book for a book exchange. Great way to celebrate the holidays in 2nd grade.