The Wild Toboggan Ride


Today we read the story The Wild Tobaggan Ride by: Suzan Reid

Aw… you know the feeling of sledding. You always want to go back for ONE LAST RIDE, right? Pity grown-ups forget that sort of thing. They really need reminding…

Like… maybe… the sort of reminding that happens when your grandpa accidentally falls onto your toboggan and you go sliding all the way through town, picking up bakers and cops and mailmen on the way? Each new person causes the rest of them to squabble about sitting still in their own spots, which of course is wildly amusing given that they’re going at three times top speed down that hill. It actually reminds me a lot of No Jumping on the Bed!

And of course, Grandpa is the one who runs back up at the end… for just that one last ride.

8 thoughts on “The Wild Toboggan Ride

  1. Jaxon Madeleine says:

    Nicky and grandpa Dan were sledding . Grandpa Dan said this is the last time . Then grandpa dan tripped on his extra long scarf. Grandpa Dan fell onto the toboggan. Then people were crashing onto the toboggan and then they hit a snow bank and then it started all over again.
    The End

  2. ariana says:

    my favorite part is when the baker the the hokey player the mail carier the barber and the police cheriff all fell on the tobbgon and they were yelling at each other and they all fell into something

  3. Justin Wilks says:

    Nicki and grandpa Den fell on the tobaggan and the baker fell on the tobaggan .
    the policeman, and the mailman and a hokey player fell onto the tobaggan .

  4. Trevor says:

    Suzan was sledding down the hill. Grandpa Dan said its getting dark and we have to go home. Then Suzan said one more time that they should slide down the hill. Grandpa said all fiddle sticks I guess that one won’t hurt anyone then. When Suzan was going down the hill Grandpa Dan slipped on his scarf and fell on the toboggan and went down the hill.

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