book treasure-The Mitten

Today we read the Jan Brett story called The Mitten. Afterwards we made a mitten with all the characters to help us retell the story. If you would like to leave your response on the blog please do so by leaving a comment.


5 thoughts on “book treasure-The Mitten

  1. Trevor Lemaigre says:

    There was a boy who lived in a tiny land. The boys grandma knitted him some mittens. They were white. Then grandma said if they are white you will lose them in the snow. He went to play with his friends and one of his mittens fell off. Then along came a mole and he saw the mitten. The mole climbed in to rest. Then came along a snow bunny. The mole saw the bunnies big kickers and made room for him. Then along comes an owl. The owl tried to come in but they were crammed. But when they saw his big claws they made room. Then came a fox. But they saw his big teeth and made room. Then came a bear. They made room for him cause everyone was afraid of the bear. Then a mouse came along and they gave him the last spot available. On top of the bears nose. Then the mouse’s tail was tickling the bears nose. The bear sneezed and all the animals started raining down. Then the boy saw that his mitten was gone and he saw a white shadow in the distance. It was his mitten. Just then his grandma looked out the window to check if he had his mitten. When he came in his grandma noticed one mitten was bigger than the other one. But she didn’t care she was happy he had both mittens. The end.

  2. Jax says:

    One day Nicky wanted Snow White mittens. His grandma said no. Nicky begged so his grandma said yes.Nicky went outside.He dropped one of his mittens in the snow.and lots of Animals went in the mitten. And the last animal was a mouse. And a bear sneezed and all the animals shot out. And Nicky saw the mitten and grabbed it. And grandma wondered what happened to the mitten.
    The end

  3. Justin Wilks says:

    A boy named nike had a white mittem and nikey lost his mitten and some anmols went inside the mitten .

  4. bradley says:

    Nicky was a little kid that wanted snow white mittens. He begged and begged until he finally got them. He put his mittens on and went outside to play. He ended up dropping one of his mittens. Then a whole bunch of animals crawled inside for warmth. When the bear sneezed the animals blown everywhere. The mitten blew up into the sky and landed in Nicky’s hand. Bubba was glad to see Nicky safe and with both of his mittens. She wondered why one was big.

  5. ariana says:

    my favorite part was when nikis grandma sqinted her eyes and looked at one mitten then the other and she could not find out what happened to the mitten i like that part because nikis grandma said. what happened to the mitten?… and niki said i do not know what went wrong …

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