School Wide Read-in

On Friday afternoon we had our read in! The kids brought in pillows, blankets and books from home. We spent an hour enjoying books.

Book treasure-Purple, Green and Yellow

We read a the book Purple, Green and Yellow by Robert Munsch book on Friday. It is a really funny story about a little girl who wants coloring markers. First she colors with washable marker then moves on to smelly markers and finally on to super-indelible-never-come-off markers. Funny things happen when she decides to paint just one finger nail purple. 

Robert Munsch has a great website where he reads all his books. Take a peek at the website and listen to his hilarious stories!

Click on photo below to go to link


Peek at the Week-March 24th


Spelling words of the week-place, well, such, here, take. The skill for the week is letters that have two different sounds. Such as the letter c and g and y.

We are continuing Unit 7 in math. We are working on patterns in numbers, compliments of 10, how to add sets of numbers mentally and to be able to look for patterns to help add up the sets. Please continue practicing adding and subtracting for mad minute. Having fact power will help with this unit.

We are continuing our nonfiction writing unit-personal expertise. We are writing a class book on being in 2nd grade. We are all experts on being in 2nd grade. As we work on sections of our book student will transfer what they learned to their own expert book.

As we continue our theme on tolerance we are also going to work on retelling skills. We are going to start out working on verbally telling stories with all its parts then to working on written retellings.

We have a science test Monday. Review sheet came home Friday.

Social Studies unit starts this week. We will be focusing on needs and wants.