Peek at the Week 3-31


Spelling words of the week-again, off, went, old, number. The skill this week is contractions. Our tests are up to 16 words. 5 new words and 11 old words from previous tests. Make sure you study old words-especially homophones.

Last week we finished Unit 7 is math. We will be reviewing Monday and Tuesday with the test planned for Wednesday. We will start unit 8 when we get back from spring break.

The Social Studies unit is moving along. We are learning about opportunity cost, natural resources and product goods and services.

Our field trip to Denewith’s nursery is right after spring break. Please send in permission slip and money as soon as possible. We are also looking for 2 more chaperones. Please let me know if you can join us.

Spring break is April 5th through 14th. Hopefully the weather will break and everyone can spend lots of time outside! I know I’m ready for spring!

If you have a chance take a peek at our classroom blog and weebly to see what we are doing in class! If you tweet make sure to follow us on twitter! 

Rainbow Similes

Last week we wrote rainbow similes and used the Pic Collage app to showcase our work. Take a peek at a few! All the collages are on the Weebly under the student work tab.