Spooky Pumpkins, Bats and Ghosts

Today we used an app called draw free to describe our Halloween pictures. To see everyones picture please look at our Weebly. You can go to the Weebly to see all our projects!


Peek at the Week-Oct 27th

Spelling Words-no, make, than, first, been. The skill of the week is r-controlled vowels. Spelling tests are up to 12 words- 5 new words and 7 old ones. Please practice past words they will appear in future tests.

Reading:We are focusing on comprehension strategies during reading groups. Quite a few groups have started chapter books. While reading a chapter book it is important to stop and think. We are using the reading logs to help students with comprehension. If your child starts bringing home chapter books they are supposed to read 1 chapter and do 1 page of the reading log.

Math: unit 3 starts this week this unit focuses on place value, money and time.

Science: we are finishing up the science unit this week. Look for a review sheet to come home Thurs. Test is planned for Monday Nov. 3rd

Halloween party is Friday morning. Our traditional Ike parade around the building will start at 10am. Parents are welcome to watch the parade. Best view is on the bus loop. After the parade we will play a few games, make a craft and a treat. Students can bring in candy to pass out. We have 23 students in our class. Please remember that we do have peanut allergies in our class- please read labels and bring in non-peanut products or consider bringing in non-edible treats! Thank you for keeping everyone safe! Students will still be going to lunch after the party.

Friday is also an Early Release Day-students will be released at 1:30 

pumpkin poems

This week we wrote a pumpkin poem and used an app to illustrate our poems! The kids used Carve a pumpkin app and created a pumpkin, saved it to the camera roll then went into ChatterKid and used our pumpkins to create a talking pumpkin and recording our voices reading our pumpkin poems.

To see all our poems take a look on the Weebly!

Landform project

This week we learned how to use the app Skitch. We are sharing what we learned in science about landforms. One of the great things about these projects is that students are teaching each other how to use the apps. It’s great to watch the 2nd graders work together. We even had some visitors in from other districts and students did a great job explaining what we were doing!

photo photo


To see all the projects check out our Weebly and see what we are up to!!

Student Work

Second graders are learning how to use creativity apps on the iPad.  Two weeks ago we learned how to make a poplet and last week we learned how to use story kit.  This week we are going to use skitch.

I will share these project on our class Weebly. There is a link on the right side of this page so you can check out our projects.


Peek at the week 10-20


Spelling Words-like, him, see, time, could. The skill of the week is adding endings onto words -s, -ed, and -ing. Please practice past words they will appear in future tests.

Reading: this week we will continue focusing on inferencing and talk more about fluency and different ways to become fluent.

Grammar: with our sentence of the week we have been working on learning about nouns and verbs, why we use a comma, capitals (proper nouns) and punctuation. As we move through the school year we will add many other parts of speech.

Math: we are finishing up unit 2, reviewing and testing by Friday. Look for review sheet to come Wednesday.

Science: we are becoming experts on Earth’s landforms and how water effects them.

Party fund: with Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas around the corner if you have not donated to the party fund please consider doing so. We have many wonderful things planned throughout the year and your donation helps offset the cost of these activities. Thanks! 

Skeleton Hiccups-Book Treasure


Today we were really lucky, Katie’s uncle read us our book treasure! It is a cute holiday story about a skeleton with the hiccups!

Skeletons are a little less scary when they have the hiccups. This particular skeleton can’t seem to shake them–not in the shower (nice fuzzy bat slippers!), not while brushing his teeth (woops! there goes the bottom jaw!), not while polishing his bones, carving a pumpkin, raking leaves, or even when playing baseball with his friend Ghost. Ghost, instead of Boo-ing! away his buddy’s hiccups right away as we might expect, advises Skeleton to hold his breath and eat some sugar and drink water upside down. When he finally does Boo! it still doesn’t work. But when Ghost finds a mirror and holds it up to Skeleton’s face, he sees his reflection and screams in fright! The hiccups jump away, hic, hic, hic.

Peek at the week 10-13


Spelling Words-into, has, more, her, two. The skill of the week is homophones-words that are spelled differently but sound the same and mean different things. Please practice past words they will appear in future tests. 

Reading: this week we will continue focusing on comprehension strategies and talk more about fluency and different ways to become fluent. 

Global read aloud continues this week-the book I’m Here focuses on differences of individuals and the importance of acceptance. We are going to participate in the twitter chat again and I’m working on connecting with CA again. 

FunRun is Tuesday morning at 11:15. Make sure to turn in your sign on Monday you want to carry it while we walk. The class color is orange…try to wear something orange! 

Early release day is Wednesday October 15th at 1:30 

Halloween notes about the party went home last week! The party will be following the parade. Parents are welcome to come watch the parade at 10:00. We March around the bus loop weather permitting!