Peek at the Week 10-6


Spelling words- some, so, these, would, other. The skill of the week is silent letters in words. Please practice past words they will reappear in future tests.

Reading-this week we will be focusing on two comprehension strategies. We will discuss the difference between summarizing and theme. Both skills are very important as we read.

Global Read Aloud starts this week. We will be studying books by Peter Reynolds and discussing them with classes through out the country. We are scheduled to Skype with a class in California and participate in a Twitter chat with at least 15 classes all around the world.

This week we have our first school wide incentive-a magic show. I am very proud to say that everyone in our class is able to attend the show. For the month of October second grade has chosen turning in homework on time. I’m sure everyone will be able to attend the movie at the high school in Nov.

Field trip-Thursday is our first field trip! We will be walking around Fraser rain or shine. So please dress for the weather. We will be walking to the library, Fort Fraser, the fire station and finally eat lunch at El Charros. This is my favorite trip of the year!

Mad Minute Super Star Club


Students are working very hard to get into the Super Star Club. Every Monday we start a new round of mad minute pages. Everyone starts in the 2 minute club. As soon as students finish all 30 problems correctly in 2 minutes they then are transferred to the 1 minute club. Once students are in the 1 minute club the goal is to finish all 30 problems correctly in less than 1 minute.  The Super Star club is being able to finish all 30 problems in less than 1 minute. 

Working on the mad minute helps build fluency with addition and eventually subtraction. Please practice math facts 0-20 so everyone can be in the Super Star Club.

I sent home user names and passwords for Xtra Math program. This program is specifically geared at practicing math facts.

Click on the picture below for a fun game that helps practice math facts.