Peek at the week 10-20


Spelling Words-like, him, see, time, could. The skill of the week is adding endings onto words -s, -ed, and -ing. Please practice past words they will appear in future tests.

Reading: this week we will continue focusing on inferencing and talk more about fluency and different ways to become fluent.

Grammar: with our sentence of the week we have been working on learning about nouns and verbs, why we use a comma, capitals (proper nouns) and punctuation. As we move through the school year we will add many other parts of speech.

Math: we are finishing up unit 2, reviewing and testing by Friday. Look for review sheet to come Wednesday.

Science: we are becoming experts on Earth’s landforms and how water effects them.

Party fund: with Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas around the corner if you have not donated to the party fund please consider doing so. We have many wonderful things planned throughout the year and your donation helps offset the cost of these activities. Thanks! 

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