Peek at the Week-Dec 8, 2014


Spelling Words-no spelling for the week: way, find, use, may, water. The skill of the week is the long a pattern-/ai/,/ay/,a silent e.

Reading: we are continuing our genre unit “doing the right thing” and discussing themes in stories.

Math: we will continue working on unit 4. This week we will talk about ball park estimates (rounding) and introduce double digit addition. Please continue practicing math facts it really helps with double digit addition.

Social Studies: we have started a new on mapping. We will explore different types of maps, learn about natural and human characteristics that can be identified on a map, create our own map and learn how communities are set up-where people live, work, shop and play

Early release day Wednesday December 10th students will be released at 1:30

This week we are participating in “An hour of code”. This program focuses on introducing student to computer science. We will watch tutorials and try our hand at programming a game. If you would like to read more about the program: