Book Treasure-The Legend of the Poinsettia

This week our book treasure was a legend retold by Tomie DePaola. It is a sweet story of how the poinsettia got its beautiful red leaves.

Take a peek as the author reads the story

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7 thoughts on “Book Treasure-The Legend of the Poinsettia

  1. Abby Pelkey says:

    The settling was Mexico. The characters were a family consisting of a momma, a papa, a brother and a sister, and a little girl. They also had a pet donkey. The problem was they didn’t get to finish the blanket and they fhought Christmas would be ruined. The little girl decidex she could help. She brought weeds and she put them around the stable and began to pray. The the weeds magically turned into the christmas flower, a poinsettia. I learned to not be shy in a situation that you think you can help with. I also learned that when you are in a situation that you feel like you’re stuck, you can always ask for help.

  2. makenzie says:

    The little girl lived in a small house in mexico with her family. The church asked her mom and her to make a blanket or the baby Jesus. So they went out and got the yearn and dyed it all the colors of the rainbow. Then her mother got very sick and couldn’t finish the blanket. So she tried to do it but it got all tangled. She didn’t want to go to the church with nothing for the baby Jesus. So she meet a old lady outside the church and she told her it didn’t matter what you bring its from you. So she grab a handful of weeds and went in to the church all of a sudden there were bright red flowers on all the green stems. They shinned so bright, everyone was so happy.

  3. Noah Pashby says:

    The main character was a girl named Lucida. She lived in Mexico. The problem in the story was that Lucida could not finish a blanket for baby Jesus that she and her mother had started, and so she had no gift to take to the procession. Lucida instead brings a bunch of weeds into the church, which turn into beautiful poinsettias. Everyone loves the flowers.

  4. Kayleigh DeBoer says:

    The Legend of the Poinsettia takes place in Mexico. It is about a little girl named Lucidia that tries to make a blanket for baby Jesus. She couldn’t make it because her mommy got sick. But she brought in weeds to the church and they turned into flowers. That was my favorite part. Flowers are so pretty.

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