Peek at the Week-December 15th


Spelling Words-no spelling for the week: long, little, very, after, word. The skill for the week is adding suffixes on the end of root words -ing, -ed, -er, -est.

Reading: we are continuing to work on comprehension strategies. In grammar we are working on verbs, compound words, and capitals.

Math: we will continue working on unit 4. This week we will begin double digit addition with re-grouping or as we knew it borrowing.

Social Studies: we are finishing the mapping unit. Test is planned for Friday. Look for a review sheet to come home Tuesday.

Wednesday afternoon December 17th is our Polar Express party. Students will move through 3 stations-listening to the book, hot chocolate and a cookie and finally a craft. Make sure you student wears their PJs and brings to school their most precious item.

Thursday December 18th is our holiday party. We will enjoy a pancake breakfast, play a game and make a craft. Students will also exchange a book- make sure to send in a wrapped book for either a boy or girl with their name on it. I order to participate your student will need to bring in a book.

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