3D marshmallow shapes

We made 3d shapes out of marshmallows and tooth picks. We explored how many edges, vertices and faces were on each shape we tried to build.

Take a peek at us in action! 

Shapes come alive


As a cumulating project for our math unit we made shape monsters with grandma and Ms Ellie. We also made a pic collage-gave our monster a name, counted edges and vertices, and came up with likes and dislikes of our monster.


Peek at the Week-2-9-15


Spelling Words-no spelling for the week: man, too, any, day, same. The skill of the week is compound words.

Reading: metacognition and inferring strategies. As we read books we are going to talk and write about what we know or learned from the book and how we know it. Being able to explain how we know something is an important skill for 2nd graders.

Math: unit 6 started last week. This unit focuses story problems and subtraction. We will be starting double digit subtraction with re-grouping and arrays.

Science:we started a new unit on measuring. We will be doing various experiments using all sorts of tools to determine how to measure length, volume, distance and time.

Writing:we are working on our review unit. Student will write a class review on a restaurant and movie. At the end of the unit student will write an individual review on a restaurant or movie of their choice.

Random act of kindness is this week- a note came home explaining the different actives planned

100’s day is Thursday-please send in your child 100 collection by Thursday.

Valentine’s Day party is Friday afternoon. A note with classmates names came home Friday along with donation note for party items.

100th Day Worries-Book Treasure

Friday we read a cute story by Margery Cuyler called 100th Day Worries. Jessica is worried. On the 95th day of first grade, her teacher announces that the class will celebrate the 100th day of school by bringing in collections of 100 things. Being a chronic worrier, Jessica thinks and thinks all week. What will she bring? 100 ice cubes? Too melty. Marshmallows? Too sticky. Her siblings suggest 100 lipsticks and 100 yo-yos, but Jessica rejects those ideas. When her classmates start bringing in their collections, Jessica is in anguish. Why didn’t she think of peanuts, or paper clips, or peppermints? The 100th day dawns, and Jessica  still doesn’t know what to bring. Will inspiration strike in time?

The kids brought home a baggie to make their own 100’s day collection! I can’t wait to see what everyone brings in!