Peek at the Week -May 11th


Spelling Words spelling for the week: last, never, us, left, endThe skill of the week is compound words. Our spelling tests are now up to 16 words- 5 new words and 11 words from previous tests. This is our final spelling unit of the year. Next week we will start reviewing all words from the year.

Reading: We are moving back to fiction work. We will focus on inferencing skills as we read.

Math-we are working on Unit 10 which focuses on place value and money. We will be finishing up the unit this week with test planned for next week.

Reflex challenge: for the month of May we have challenged students to try and reach 100% in addition skills. Due to the challenge technology homework will only be to work on Reflex- it’s my hope all 2nd graders will be knighted by Mr. McDonough

Writing: we are starting our final writing unit. This unit is a group research project unit focuses on our plant unit

Science-we are continuing science unit studying plants. We are going to experiment with the things plants need to see how they react when those things are taken away or changed!

Early release day Tuesday May 12th-students released at 1:30

Spring fling is Friday evening

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