Peek at the Week May 26th

 Spelling review week 2-pretest on Tuesday and any words spelled wrong will be on the test Friday. If all words are spelled correctly on Tuesday no test on Friday.

Reading: We are moving going to work on our final theme lessons-doing the right thing. We will be reading books and writing essay on how we can do the right thing.

Math-we are working on reviewing for the end of the year test. We will cover an essential everyday. End of the year test is scheduled Thursday June 4th. Look for review sheets to come home.

Reflex challenge: for the month of May we have challenged students to try and reach 100% in addition skills. Due to the challenge technology homework will only be to work on Reflex- it’s my hope all 2nd graders will be knighted by Mr. McDonough

Writing: we are continuing our final writing unit. This unit is a group research project unit focuses on our plant unit.

Science-we are finishing up science unit studying plants. Test is scheduled for next week. Look for review sheet to come home.

End of the year pool party is scheduled for Monday June 8th as long as Somerset pool opens on time. We hire 2 life guards to help supervise the children swim. We can take all parents that want to attend. Make sure to send the permission slip and pool waiver to school.

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