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Hi all!!! Welcome to our classroom blog!! I am so excited to be able to share information about what is going on in third grade. I will be posting important classroom information, homework assignments along with photos and videos from class.

This is my 23nd year teaching in Fraser and my seventh year at Eisenhower. It is going to be an amazing year!!!

I have three great children at home!! Morgan is 25 and just finished  her masters at Wayne State University. Hailey is 22 is a senior at Carson Newman University in Tennessee studying nursing.  Madison is 19 and sophomore at Lawrence Tech University studying graphics design.  We have also have a small dog named Noodles!!

Besides teaching I love to read, spend time with my kids and husband, hang out with family and I can’t forget, I love to shop!!!





57 thoughts on “About Mrs. Laidlaw

  1. Hi there Mrs Laidlaw,
    I’m a graduate teacher in Australia that is just setting up my first blog. I was just wondering whether you were looking for any ‘bloggin buddies’?
    Tenielle 🙂

  2. allaidlaw says:

    This may be silly but what is a blogging buddy? I would love to help out or work with you, I’m just not sure what a blogging buddy is! Let me know and maybe we can collaborate.

  3. amya says:

    Dear Mrs.laidlaw,hello from 3rd grade.
    I am Amya.
    I have Mrs.widmer this year.
    How are you?
    I miss you!!
    I’m still in love with your puppy noodles.
    I can’t belive he’s still a puppy!
    I am doing great this year.
    Still with curley hair.
    Good-bye! Love,

  4. gloria! says:

    hello mrs.laidlaw its gloria arwood im pretty sure u remimber me im the one who always gives you hugs at recess…with carol anywho im going to return a book i still have if thats ok………………………….sorry got this song stuck in my head well thats a…wait one more thing brefore i forget im going to the rensions fesival i cant wait ok now i can finsh what i was going to say brefore thats all now u no what i said…ok i just cant end this can i… nope fine ill just say this…bye bye!

  5. Maddy A says:

    i got a kitten not for christmas my nabor WAS shuvling snow and the cat got scared and he gave the cat to us

  6. micah says:

    Hi mrs laidlaw i can not wait for my report card I hope I got all As becase if I get a bad grade my mom will frek out oh by the way I am in love with noodles see you monday and have a grate weeken love Micah.

  7. micah says:

    HI Mrs LaidLaw it’s me micah i now you are teching and i now that i am not there but i am not coming tommor i have a sore throke and i don’t want to get no one sick i went to the doter and they said i mint need my tosole remoth i am so sceeder i can’t even talk that good i hope everyone is good to day was Jai’Nel there today and maddy and catter and Tyler becuase i was worry that Jai’Nel was worry about me to i am coming wedsday oh by the way did you now i have a big sister now her name is daja nick but i call her nick thats her nickname my nickname is taya tranay i now i spelled everything wrong but i hope you now what i am trying to say help i am but to be 8 june 14 then 9 then 10 ten whoo i can not wait till i am oder so i can move out of my house oh and what did we do for gym i hope it was gmymasticks.

  8. Maddy A says:

    Hi Mrs.Laidlaw I miss you already ! I aready did all of my Summer Math packet I hope you have a great summer love you Maddy A.

  9. allaidlaw says:

    I’m so glad you are working on your math packet! Have you done anything fun this summer? I’m teaching summer school in the morning and I float in the pool in the afternoon!

  10. Maddy A says:

    Cool how long is summer school for? I have been swimming a lot with my friends. I have a lot of sleep overs. I also love to float but mostly go under water! Hope you have a great summer love you Maddy A.

  11. allaidlaw says:

    Summer school is 4 weeks long, but it’s only in the morning so I’m home in the afternoon. I remember diving and swimming underwater. It was my favorite thing when I was your age!

  12. Micah says:

    Hi mrs.laidlaw I love 3rd grade I am in mrs diner class I love ur class too I know I am not post to be in it page but I can not help it. I post to be on mrs.Diner blog u have my buff in it class his name is Jacob. I post to be at school but I am sick. I got my I pad yesterday but we can not take tem home yet.I am on my kindle fire HD my sister said u have nice kids and she said she wants to meet u

    Love u: Micah bye bye.

  13. Maddy A. says:

    Hi Mrs. Laidlaw I am in mrs hammers class how is noodles she kind of looks like kempe fluffy and white yay I got to take my ipad home yesterday I am on my ipad right now on your blog yay my half birthday was two days ago im 8 and a half so yay and hope you have fun with your class love maddy a

  14. allaidlaw says:

    Noodles is good! She got groomed this week, so she is not fluffy anymore. I don’t like her like this but when it is long it gets so matted. I am glad you are having a good year!!

  15. Maddy A says:

    Hi Mrs Laidlaw it’s Maddy from last year how has your class been my friends are good my puppy is so funny

  16. allaidlaw says:

    My class is wonderful. I’m so glad you are having a great year! Tell what your puppy does that is so funny.

  17. Maddy A says:

    That good about your class. What my puppy does that is so funny is he won’t go to bed if my mom is still up so he tries to stay awake but he can’t he ends up falling asleep on the couch

  18. allaidlaw says:

    Noodles does the same thing. She will not go to bed unless the whole house is asleep. Then she has to lay in bed with me while I read for 15 min or so and then you can put her in her cage. Can’t skip a step in the routine or she barks.

  19. Shaniya Simmons says:

    Hey Mrs.Laidlaw u might not remember me but I was in your 3rd grade class I miss you. Im in 5th grade now and I still remember you u were the best!!!

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