Students Earn Honors in FFA

By tautosh

On April 15, 2014 48 FFA members competed at MSU in Floriculture and Greenhouse Competitions. Each competition included plant and flower identification, a written exam, and a practical.  Five students became certified student florists, and 32 students recieved a gold or silver medals.

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Students complete designs for weddings

By tautosh

Horticulture students completed designs for a wedding. Bouquets, corsages and boutienneres were included



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Click to save the Rainforest

By tautosh

On Tuesday all students need to click to save the rainforest, the link is down on the right side of this page. Send a comment with your name that you clicked.

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Atwood Second Graders to visit Pankow

By tautosh

This coming Tuesday May 25, 2010 Atwood second graders will visit Pankow and visit several of the programs. They will get to pet a baby goat, make butter, listen to their heartbeat, and others. Students are working hard planning for this activity.  The day will follow the activities will be patterned after the Farm Bureaus Project Red. We have the following activities planned. 

  1. Animals -Goats, Corn, Baby Lamb, Bunny
  2. Chicks, Wolcott Mill
  3. Greenhouse tour, students make seed necklace
  4. Butter – Students make butter
  5. Bumble Bees, students get a honey stick
  6. Criminal justice Students get fingerprinted and card to go home
  7. Child Care – Craft Project
  8. TV  – Students do an interview
  9. Culinary – Cookies and milk, students get got milk sticker
  10. Health Occupations – Students listen to heart
  11. Visual Imaging – Computer Activity
  12. Auto – Engines, tractors.

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Students Make Arrangements for Pankow Awards

By tautosh

Students made two arrangements for Pankow Awards using Bird of Paradise. Students completed these arrangements without assistance from the instructor.

award2chrisArrangement for Awards

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Student Designs for Wedding

By tautosh

Calla Lily Wedding Flowers Students designed boquets, and arrangements for a wedding click on the link to see what students at Pankow are doing

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Help Save the Rain Forest

By tautosh

Click the link on Environment to help save the Rain Forest. Let me know that you clicked and one thing you learned about the rain forest

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